What users want from your website: Understanding “Searcher Intent”

Visitors who come to your website via search have a specific intent for visiting your site. Is your website giving them what they want?

By understanding “Searcher Intent,” you can take actionable steps to make your website more responsive to new visitors, enabling them to quickly find what they are looking for.

Additionally, by making your website more responsive to Searcher Intent, you can greatly enhance overall SEO metrics, and grow site traffic dramatically.

4 Types of Searcher Intent
Informational. The searcher is looking for information.
Navigational. The searcher is looking for a specific website.
Transactional. The searcher is looking to make a purchase.
Commercial Investigation. The searcher is in the market for a specific product or service but has yet to make a final decision on which solution is right for them.

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What happens when you optimize for Searcher Intent?
The results are dramatic…
According to a featured case study courtesy of Ahrefs.com, making one keyword change to one landing page, based on Searcher Intent, led to an increase of 677% in traffic over a six-month period – and resulted in a #1 search ranking for the targeted keyword.

Let’s talk about how to make your website more responsive to Searcher Intent, as part of a continuing strategy to drive website growth.