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Using Direct Mail for Lead Generation

Direct mail holds a unique place in the mix of B2B lead generation tools. Used strategically, it can do things no other marketing tactics can.

Start with a Good List. Curate a list that carefully targets your B2B audience. This will ensure that your message is directed to the right people and helps avoid waste in your campaign spend.

Do Something to Stand Out. Do something special to make an impression. Don’t settle for a plain-vanilla design. Use size, color, texture, and photos to invite readership. Design a multidimensional mailer to increase response. (Note: People love opening a box or special package.)

Go Big Account Hunting. Direct mail is an especially powerful tool for reaching key decision-makers at targeted companies you want to do business with.

To learn more about how Triad helped a client increase sales by using direct mail to reach over 200 headquarter-level decision makers, see our Bit-in-a-Box case study.

Bit-in-a-Box Case Study

Sending targeted direct mail is just one of the many tactics a B2B company can use to generate high-quality leads. The best lead generation efforts are a result of cohesive campaigns across several marketing channels – from direct mail, to email, social media, and more. Check out our full article, The Art of B2B Lead Gen, to see how a multi-channel approach can help you reach your target customers.