The Oil & Gas Industry is picking up, so should your marketing efforts.

Right now, we’re at a point in the oil market cycle that signifies growth and sustainable opportunity. As competitive as the oil and gas industry has become, it becomes increasingly important to get in front of the market by realizing new opportunities for strategic oil and gas marketing initiatives. Whether your business is focused on selling units in the drilling or production markets, it’s time to capitalize on the numerous growth opportunities in the current industry. For over 22 years, Triad – A B2B Agency has been intertwined in the oil and gas space. We’ve earned in-depth knowledge revolving around a wide range of industry products, services, and technologies that enable us to go above and beyond in meeting our oilfield clients’ marketing needs. More importantly, the team at Triad has come to understand the nuances of the oil and gas market—from both marketing and sales perspectives. We’ve seen how the industry reacts to growth and downturn in commodity pricing, how buying influencers make decisions, and how new products are received in a common “don’t fix what’s not broken” way of doing business. Triad is part of the oil and gas industry, and we’re always open to new challenges and welcome the opportunity to explore the market’s potential with you.

Triad’s Oil & Gas Marketing Knowledge

Drilling and Completion

  • Drill pipe and tubing
  • Pipe threading
  • Pipe thread and connection compounds
  • Land/offshore rig design and fabrication
  • Mud pumps
  • Top drives
  • Drawworks
  • Drilling control systems
  • DC/AC rig power systems
  • Liner hangers, packers, and tools


  • Pumpjacks
  • Load cells
  • Inclinometers
  • VSD controllers
  • Rod pump controllers
  • Artificial lift monitor/control systems
  • Compression systems
  • Gas compression for gas lift
  • Croswell seismic
  • EOR services

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