Suncall Logo

A company of many trades, Suncall America is a leader in the OEM automotive market. However, the company had little-to-no market awareness when it came to its fiber optic and network connectors product line. As a relative newcomer to the industry, and facing big-name competitors with well-established brands and strong market shares, Suncall America turned to Triad. The overall goal: position Suncall as a proven partner in the fiber optic and network connector space, with a willingness to work closely with customers to provide solutions for unique application challenges.

Based on the company’s ability to understand the exact needs of its clients—then custom design and manufacture products within specific application requirements—Triad created the concept Engineered by Imagination. By basing the new website and product catalog on this concept, while also highlighting the company’s state-of-the-art capabilities, Triad developed a cohesive branding effort that effectively differentiates Suncall and positions it as customer-first company.