Seminole Logo

Seminole Services has a commitment to improving the safety and efficiency of today’s complex oil and gas completion operations. The company employs some of the industry’s most advanced metallurgical and engineering technologies to establish new standards in completion performance and safety.

Seminole Services chose to partner with Triad with a goal of increasing awareness of its new PowerScrew™ liner hanger, as well as generating leads. All marketing efforts for Seminole focused on the PowerScrew’s unique design and setting mechanism. Unlike conventional liner hangers, which require high pressure to set, the PowerScrew hanger is both run and set by torque and compression alone. The operation of the PowerScrew optimizes both safety and cost efficiency.

Triad developed a new Seminole Services website that emphasized several key points: safety, reliability and operational efficiency. In addition to the new Seminole Services website, Triad created full marketing strategies that include print ads, tradeshow promotions, feature/technical articles, and digital marketing efforts.