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While a very large and prominent industrial company, K&B Industries retains the many positive characteristics of a family-owned company. While K&B remains an approachable, responsive, customer-focused organization, it also offers a broad range of machining and manufacturing services, in addition to over 350,000 square feet
of climate-controlled manufacturing space.

Triad began the branding process by suggesting that the client change its name from K&B Machine Works to a more inclusive K&B Industries, reflecting the expanded scope of products and services offered. The next step involved designing a new logo, but rather than use an ampersand as the company had always done, Triad designed a “+” sign instead. The use of the plus sign was the springboard for the company’s new tagline, The Plus Factor™, meaning that when you work with K&B, there’s always something more — a big plus — on which you can depend.