Perfect Parfait Logo

A tasty snack that’s actually good for customers. Perfect Parfait produces the industry’s one-of-a-kind, fresh yogurt dispenser that works at a push of a button. The complete dispensing system is designed to delight guests and maximize ROI, specifically targeting hotels, healthcare facilities, schools, businesses, and other venues that can benefit from a superior method of service compared to individual yogurt cups.

As part of its efforts for Perfect Parfait, Triad has produced a new website, advertising, and product brochures. One of the more interesting projects associated with the Perfect Parfait account was the development of a kiosk graphic display that both provides product information and encourages sampling.

With the company’s initial marketing and sales effort targeting the hospitality market, the product signage effectively addresses the interests of the health-conscious traveler. The look and feel of the dispenser kiosk has succeeded in creating the public’s attention. It encourages consumption of the company’s fresh and organic yogurt, and establishes the Perfect Parfait system as a unique and business-smart approach to dispensing yogurt.