ONE Network is an intelligent, secure, multi-enterprise network platform that allows companies to build multi-party supply chain networks in record time. It allows rapid on-boarding of business partners, fast software development and deployment, and real-time visibility, along with intelligent agent technology to automatically optimize supply chain operations. As the established thought leaders in the multi-enterprise network space, with an extensive body of whitepapers, case studies, and vertical industry messaging, ONE Network looked to Triad for ideas on overall brand positioning and core product messaging. The goal was to provide clear messaging that could convey the key advantages of ONE Network technology in a consistent manner, while accommodating the unique aspects of each of the company’s vertical markets.

Triad responded with a strategic development effort that allowed the ONE Network brand story to be told in a consistent and compelling fashion. The effort included the development of core brand messaging, creation of a coordinated digital banner advertising campaign, and recommendations for improving the company’s website messaging and architecture.