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Loyalty and Manners in Business Today

Since today is Triad’s 23rd anniversary, I have had the opportunity to connect with many friends and business associates. It is rewarding to talk to people (or least, communicate via email) with whom I have worked in partnership in developing new and better solutions for clients. These connections made me think about the nature of business today, and how in some ways it has become much coarser, and is neither as effective nor as rewarding as it should be. Two areas that I think where these changes are most apparent are found in supplier relationships and in general business manners.

    1. Many companies have now come to view what was once valued “supplier partners” as strictly “vendors,” who are only favored as long as they offer the lowest price. This approach to the people and companies on whom your business may rely is short sighted.

      Loyalty is a two-way street, and it is inevitable that one is going to need one of those “vendors” to come through with a supporting idea, or even a favor. “Vendors” have little motivation, and no obligation, to respond to your need for a favor. A valued partner will stand ready to help you. In addition, working with supplier partners becomes very efficient and effective because each of you understands the other’s company, their needs, and their ways of doing business. Working with someone you understand and know well, and who knows and understands you, is more-often-than-not the route to getting things done in the best possible manner.

    2. Almost every day, I see examples of bad manners and/or lack of consideration in the business world. Here’s some news…YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE RUDE OR DIFFICULT IN ORDER TO BE SUCCESSFUL. Asking for things in a mannerly way is not that difficult (it will not hurt to say “please” periodically), and a sincere “thank you” can go a long way. I know it may seem like a dated concept, but perhaps we should all try to treat others as we would like to be treated.

Think about what I have written here. I know that I will…and try today, tomorrow, and the days going forward to be a better, more mannerly, more considerate business person.

– Tom Prikryl, President & CEO