LanSource Logo

With over 20 years of managing customer systems, LanSource has become an established IT service organization with a reputation of maintaining customer IT systems at peak performance. LanSource specializes in offering complete comprehensive coverage of an organization’s IT system, including program monitoring and maintenance. With expert consultation, the company is the trusted go-to company for improving IT operations.

With the help of Triad’s marketing expertise, LanSource is positioned as a company that works closely with customers to develop comprehensive strategies across all IT assets. Even more important, the company is further positioned as an organization that keeps its word and performs as promised. The company’s full website redesign focused on the company’s key value proposition: doing what they say they will do, reliably. The website also features an easy-to-navigate layout and comprehensive SEO elements. Triad further assisted with other marketing initiatives including the development of a capabilities brochure, which further builds on LanSource’s overriding position.