K+B logo 200px

Although no longer a small company, K&B Industries retains many positive characteristics of a family-owned company and has remained an approachable, responsive, customer-focused organization. At the same time, K&B also offers a full complement of machining, engineering, manufacturing and customer inventory services, supported by over 350,000 square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space.

Triad began the branding process with the core recommendation that the company change its name from K&B Machine to K&B Industries, reflecting the expanded scope of products and services offered. As for the new logo, Triad incorporated the “+” sign instead of the ampersand the company previously used. The plus sign was the springboard for a new tagline, The Plus Factor™, which supports the company’s willingness to go above and beyond in meeting customer needs. This new branding scheme was incorporated into a new website, as well as ad campaigns. These ads showcased the personalities of K&B employees, portraying them as the “Plus Factor” in delivering its broad-based services to the market.

In addition to its core oil and gas market, K&B has also directed its efforts towards the aerospace industry.  To accommodate this new initiative, Triad created a new website targeting aerospace market. Today, when one accesses KB-Industries.com, they are taken to a splash page where they can select information concerning the oil and gas or aerospace markets.