The Inspiration Behind Our New Look

About six months ago, we decided to refresh our brand. We had been in business for nearly 22 years, and over that time the agency, and the scope of the work we do, has evolved dramatically.

There were a lot of ideas concerning the way we should brand ourselves, probably as many ideas as there are employees at Triad. But none of these ideas really seemed to position Triad as the truly differentiated agency that it is.

The Breakthrough

During this time, I was scheduled to have an early breakfast meeting with a client. As I was waiting at the restaurant, I was thinking about everything this client had going on in his life – a private equity professional, he had one major project in the DFW area in which he was actively involved in its operation. He had another important transaction that was in play in the upper Midwest, in addition to a number of other investment opportunities. In addition, he is a father of three little girls, age 7 and under, and his wife was expecting another girl in a couple of months. And if that wasn’t enough, he was selling his house and buying another.

His plate was full.

Thinking about this client and the challenges he faced, I was reminded of something I learned a long time ago – anything can be accomplished, if one does not give into self-imposed limitations. Put another way, we have few limitations, other than those we place on ourselves.

That’s when a breakthrough in my thinking occurred, and I realized that I wanted Triad to be positioned as an organization that did not recognize artificial limits.

An Aspirational Brand Emerges

So, the decision was made to position Triad as an organization that does not acknowledge most limits. Both the company and each of its employees are committed to ignoring the limits of conventional thinking and pushing towards the best solution and outcomes for its clients. We aspire to best the very best B2B marketers, individually, and as an agency. This branding direction establishes a philosophical approach that can deliver that outcome.

Specializing in B2B Marketing

riad specializes in B2B marketing/communications, and has done so since its founding in 1994. To further emphasize that point, we have made a subtle change in our original Triad Business Marketing name. With this new branding, we will now be known as Triad – A B2B Agency.