Impact Selector is a leading innovator in intelligent downhole conveyance technology for the oil and gas industry. While conventional surface devices used in today’s drilling operations measure tension in the downhole cable, the measurements are often delayed considering the time it takes for the signal to travel from below ground back up to the surface. With the company’s latest technology, SMART Sens™, operators can now measure tension in real-time across the full surface of the tool for a significantly higher level of accuracy.

Our goal was to get the word out for Impact Selector’s revolutionary technology through an integrated marketing campaign with an emphasis on various PR efforts. As part of an official press tour, a full feature article was published in EMP Magazine that provided in-depth information and technical specs regarding SMART Sens’ unique capabilities. The press tour itself included interviews between Impact Selector’s leading expert, Jason Hradecky, and top publications for the oil and gas market. Overall, the integrated campaign and PR efforts successfully raised awareness and further positioned Impact Selector as thought-leaders in downhole conveyance technology.