B2B Is Our Business

As an agency that specializes in B2B marketing, Triad is committed to offering the full spectrum of communications tools, ranging from traditional methods to the latest digital marketing technologies. We are purpose-built to best meet the needs of B2B clients, offering digital and print advertising, web design, content development, social media, video production, literature development, public relations, and more. Our clients have learned that they can count on Triad to provide the right communications approach to power their sales and marketing efforts.

Our Mission

The Mission of Triad is to create outstanding marketing programs that deliver great value to our clients. Further, we strive to retain our existing clients, while further building our client base. We are committed to supporting a quality work environment and operating our business in an optimally professional manner. As part of our “limitless” approach to business, we will play a key role in helping our clients push the limits of their sales and market share potential, while also engendering the professional growth and advancement of our staff.

Our Vision

The Vision of Triad is to be the most successful B2B agency in the Southwest. Our realization of this Vision will be based on the quality and value of the work we produce, along with our ability to grow our relationships with existing clients and acquire new clients. Our Vision further includes operating the business in a professional and profitable manner, and creating a work environment that supports the career growth of the company’s members. We envision communicating our belief in the limitless potential of our clients, our company, and in the individuals who work at Triad every day. In the final outcome, it will be in challenging limits that will make us a great B2B advertising agency.

The People Who Make It Happen

President & CEO

Account Executive

Digital Strategist

Senior Art Director

VP of Business Development

Associate Creative Director/Sr Copywriter


Administrative & Account Service Support

Creative Director


Senior Account Director

Agency Awards

Over the years, Triad has received awards and recognition for effectiveness, results, and creativity within the B2B Industry. We are both honored and proud of the achievements our Agency has accomplished through the collaborative efforts of our Team and Clients. To view the list of just a few of the awards Triad has received over its recent history, just click here.