25 Ways Triad B2B Agency Helps Your Marketing Do More

In honor of our 25th year, Triad presents a list of 25 ways we can help your marketing do more.

Any other ideas? Let’s discuss!

#1 Develop Your Marketing Plan

The Triad marketing team helps develop strategies, define tactics, outline scope, establish budgets and make a plan, so your program can stay on-target, on-time and on-budget all year.

#2 Invigorate Your Brand


As B2B specialists and branding consultants, we’ll help keep your brand fresh and relevant, finding the right touchpoints between your brand and your customers.

#3 Perfect Your Messaging

We develop and refine key messaging for all your products and services, aligning their performance with your prospects’ needs.

#4 Reach Your Audience

With insights from your marketing and sales teams, we’ll research your markets and uncover the best ways to reach your audience.

#5 Extend Your Sales Presence

From broad tactics designed to build pre-engagement, to sales tools that sell in your absence, we help extend the reach of your sales team.

#6 Build Your Website


We’ll suggest improvements to your current site, or break ground with a new site, using best messaging and design practices for a great user experience.

#7 Increase Web Traffic

We have ways to grow website traffic through search engine optimization, high value content offers, pay-per-click advertising and social engagement.

#8 Energize Your Product Launch

We’ll help get the word out on new products and services, generating interest that helps translate into sales opportunities.

#9 Master Your Social Media


Our digital team can help you plan a social media and content strategy that keeps followers informed and engaged with your brand.

#10 Enhance Your Video Marketing Efforts

We’ll help develop a library of videos for your B2B audiences, including scripting, producing, shooting, editing, formatting and distribution.

#11 Manage Monthly Digital Campaigns

Our digital team will execute monthly digital campaigns designed to generate awareness and leads for your company, products and services.

#12 Create Buzz with PR

To highlight important company news and products, we draft feature articles, press releases, product releases and more, targeting key industry trade publications and digital media.

#13 Build Intelligent Infographics

We’re 99% likely to come up with an infographic that more than 75% of your audience will find compelling, leading to 3X more likes and shares.

#14 Track Your Results


We employ digital tools to gauge the impact of each ad, email, blog and social media post, gaining insights for continuous improvement of your market outreach.

#15 Manage Your Marketing Databases

We can mine and maintain multiple databases to support your email, direct mail, prospecting, and PR efforts.

#16 Design Your Literature

Our creative team brings product, sales and technical literature to life, informing readers and addressing their decision points.

#17 Integrate Your Communication Strategy

Are all the pieces of your marketing effort working together? Are your external and internal communications aligned? Let’s make it so.

#18 Stand out from Your Competition


What makes you different? How are you better? We uncover these answers and develop strategies to help you stand out in your space.

#19 Elevate Your Blogs

It’s asking a lot, but can your blogs be entertaining, informative, and strategic, all at the same time? Yes, they can. We can help.

#20 Develop Your Content

We are specialists in B2B content development for all media, from whitepapers and gated content, to infographics, articles, e-books, how-to guides, executive briefs, and more.

#21 Create a Digital Strategy


Our digital team focuses time and resources on strategies that deliver a positive, measurable return.

#22 Develop Your Next Integrated Campaign

Making all the pieces of your marketing effort work together is what we do best.

#23 Generate Leads

If lead generation is a marketing imperative, we’ll prioritize it through innovative call-to-action tools, lead capture strategies, and other tactics.

#24 Plan Your Media

We handle every phase of media planning, rate negotiation, and ad placement, so you can focus on advancing your marketing vision.

#25 Grow Market Share and Sales

It all adds up to helping you increase your market share and sales – the ultimate goal!

What B2B marketing challenges can we help you solve? To talk it over, call Tom Prikryl at 469-484-6827.