Alcoa Oil & Gas – Numbers Campaign

How do you get a risk-averse market to embrace a new technology, particularly when failure of that product could cost millions of dollars? This was the question that Alcoa Oil & Gas and Triad had to address in the marketing of Alcoa’s lightweight aluminum alloy drill pipe. Triad determined that the key to the success of this campaign was the fact that aluminum drill pipe did offer several positive performance characteristics, particularly an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and the ability to extend the range of existing drilling assets. However, there was a perception barrier to overcome. Aluminum drill pipe had been used in the late 1980s with mixed results, so industry impressions ranged from negative to unproven.

The client was able to engage trials for the product, and during those the pipe proved itself in some very demanding applications. Using data generated from these trials, Triad created a “numbers” campaign, which focused on real-life performance metrics. Those numbers created a strong sense of credibility for the pipe, providing the market with confidence in using it.