About - Triad


As an agency that specializes in B2B marketing, Triad is committed to offering the full spectrum of communications tools, ranging from traditional methods to the latest digital marketing technologies. We are purpose-built to best meet the needs of B2B clients, offering digital and print advertising, Web design, content development, social media, video production, literature development, public relations, and more. Our clients have learned to count on Triad to provide the right communications approaches necessary to power the best possible programs and support their sales and marketing efforts.



We offer the full range of marketing services designed to meet the specific requirements of today’s B2B marketer. The Triad team combines a strong strategic orientation with creativity and innovation to develop programs that drive brand awareness, lead generation, and customer preference. Through print, digital, social, mobile, content and direct channels, in addition to others, we help clients inspire their markets and accelerate brand growth and business success.




Triad understands that even the best ideas will not realize their full impact if they are not based on solid planning, evaluation, and course correction and strategies. Reflecting the B2B market’s orientation towards planning, we offer a broad base of planning tools:

  • Market Research (secondary and primary)
  • Account Planning
  • Brand Audits
  • Positioning/Brand Development
  • Internal Brand Immersion
  • Lead Generation
  • Database Marketing Programs
  • Media Planning, Budgeting, & Scheduling
  • Integrated Digital Planning
  • Content Planning
  • Circulation Analysis Studies
  • Pay-Per-Click Programs
  • Detailed Analytics and Metrics
  • Post-Click Optimization
  • Post-Buy Media Analysis


Triad’s award-winning creative team helps push the limits of the work, ensuring it results in the best possible outcome for the client. Highly experienced in B2B marketing, the Triad creative team is skilled at balancing the need for fact-based content with the creativity necessary to garner the target audience’s attention.

  • Content Marketing Development
  • Print and Digital Advertising
  • Literature Development
  • Direct Mail and Email Creation
  • Exhibit Design
  • Website Development
  • Video Production
  • 3D Animation


Triad’s experienced website team create sites that combine quality, relevant content, readily understood navigation, a strong user experience, and a quality appearance, while providing effective support of the client’s brand. Website design and technology is rapidly evolving, and Triad is committed to remaining current with the changing nature of the industry. In doing so, we ensure that our clients’ websites are designed and developed to best meet their individual needs.

  • Website Design/Development
  • SEO Planning and Implementation
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UI/UX Design and Optimization


Development of quality, topical, and on-target content is critical to an effective B2B marketing effort. Whether used for social media, public relations, white papers, or blogs, outstanding, value driven content can play a strong role in confirming a company’s credibility in its market space and in establishing it as a thought leader and as a brand that provides valuable information. Triad understands these crucial points and has demonstrated expertise in content development and deployment.

  • Content Strategy Development
  • Blog Strategy Development
  • Feature and Case History Articles
  • Technical Articles


Today, effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is much more than just attempting to rank well using a few keywords. At Triad, we offer a fully integrated approach that looks at the bigger picture and includes the two main disciplines of SEM – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). We take the time to carefully research and analyze how prospective customers are finding and interacting with your business, as well as competitors, on the Internet. We then bring that understanding of your competitive position on the Internet and in the marketplace to the development of a strategically based SEM program.

  • Search Engine Marketing Program Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Planning
  • Website Optimization Strategies and Execution
  • Website Analytics
  • Pay-Per-Click Programs
  • Remarketing


Social media is proving to be an effective tool for engaging the market on a consistent basis, as well as a significant key to building a B2B brand. Triad has developed the expertise for employing social media programs that help companies gain awareness, realize higher levels of market engagement, and drive more traffic to their website, all while further building their brand. Combining the full complement of social media tools with our inherent understanding of the B2B market, we develop and produce social media programs that effectively meet a wide range of client objectives.

  • Social Media Planning and Management
  • Custom Content Calendars
  • Reporting & Insights
  • Social Ad Management
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Audits & Competitive Analysis
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • Influencer Identification & Outreach


Properly engaged, public relations can play a key role in further developing a brand, along with building a company’s reputation as a thought leader. Critical to the public relations function is the ability to develop interesting and topical content. This is particularly true in the B2B space, where quality content can be one of the most important contributors to a successful public relations effort. Triad understands this point and has demonstrated significant capabilities in parlaying topical content into effective public relations activities.

  • Feature and Case History Articles
  • Technical Articles
  • Press Release Development and Distribution
  • Media relations
  • Internal Communications
  • Crisis Communications Planning and Implementation


The Mission of Triad is to create outstanding marketing programs that deliver great value to our clients. Further, we strive to retain our existing clients, while further building our client base. We are committed to supporting a quality work environment and operating our business in an optimally professional manner. As part of our “limitless” approach to business, we will play a key role in helping our clients push the limits of their sales and market share potential, while also engendering the professional growth and advancement of our staff.



The Vision of Triad is to be the most successful B2B agency in the Southwest. Our realization of this Vision will be based on the quality and value of the work we produce, along with our ability to grow our relationships with existing clients and acquire new clients. Our Vision further includes operating the business in a professional and profitable manner, and creating a work environment that supports the career growth of the company’s members. We envision communicating our belief in the limitless potential of our clients, our company, and in the individuals who work at Triad every day. In the final outcome, it will be in challenging limits that will make us a great B2B advertising agency.




At Triad, building strong client partnerships is a cornerstone of our company. We have worked as marketing partners with a number of clients for a decade or more, and with one, in particular, for over 20 years. While agencies often talk about their commitment to long-term, productive client relationships, we have firmly established our ability to create successful client partnerships by these many long-term relationships we have formed and maintained over our 21 years in business.

Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings

Designer and manufacturer of engineered fasteners and installation tooling employed in a wide range of assembly applications.

K+B Industries

A turnkey supplier of premium threading and machining, along with customer inventory, manufacturing, and engineering services for the aerospace and oil and gas industries.


The leading producer of advanced composite truck bodies, including service bodies, line bodies, inserts, and toppers. Also manufactures specialty bodies for the lawncare and pest control industries.

Cloud 9

A provider of Interactive Voice Technology (IVT) based services employed in various patient engagement/communications functions in the healthcare market.


The leading provider of contract compression services for natural gas producers in the U.S., in addition to offering aftermarket parts and service.


A leading IT services company that has set a high standard for reliability and responsiveness during its 24+ years in business.


A leading network and optical connector manufacturer, offering a broad selection of single- and multi-fiber connectors.

Seminole Services

Employs advanced metalforming technology in the design and manufacturing of tools that add to the efficiency and safety of oil and gas well completion operations.

Aidan Gill For Men

From a vintage barbershop in New Orleans, LA, Aidan Gill offers a full line of high-end men’s grooming products.

Bright Automation

Provides electronic monitoring and control products and systems for the oil and gas artificial lift market.


Provides top of the line stainless steel cable ties, stainless steel banding and tags, and fully-coated stainless steel ties, in addition to battery-powered installation tools, and automated 2D embossed bar coded metal tags.

Southwestern Imaging

Provides sales and service of medical imaging equipment to the healthcare market including CT Scan, PET Scan, and MRI systems.